• Think Like A Child

    Recent research on children is showing that children as young as 18 months have an uncanny scientific instinct.  They are constantly observing their surroundings and gathering data about the people around them and the world.  Developmental Psychologist Alison Gopnik puts it best when she said, “Babies are making complicated calculations with conditional probability that they’re […]

  • Little Darth Vader

    Many parents I talk with have children whose behaviors are baffling and difficult to understand.  These children appear to enjoy “being bad,” laugh when they’ve made an adult angry, and show no remorse after they’ve emotionally or physically hurt someone. I spoke with a couple that told me the director of their upscale preschool told […]

  • Passive Tantrums and the Autistic Spectrum

    A passive tantrum is when a child feigns inability or lack of understanding in order to avoid difficulty, frustration or effort. A few weeks ago a third grade teacher told me about her first experience using my method in Raising Lions with a student named Jackson she suspected of engaging in passive tantrums. Jackson was […]

  • Raising Charlie Sheen

    Charlie Sheen is the perfect icon for a culture that encourages, even idolizes, unconditional rather than transactional relationships.  We laud those who become so powerful/wealthy that they don’t have to answer to anyone.  We promote self-esteem as the primary virtue and value speaking your mind over responsibility to others.  While most people see Charlie Sheen […]

  • Parents At School

    What do you say to a parent who asks, “How involved should I get in school?” Before talking about this question I first want to talk about a more important underlying issue. Relations between parents and teachers are at an all-time low. Parents blame teachers for their child’s poor academic performance and teachers blame parents […]

  • Homework Tips

    I get a lot of requests for advice on how to get children to to their homework.  Here’s some basics tips that I think make homework time easier.  Start using this pattern as early as possible.  The earlier you begin setting and holding a pattern for how homework is done the better. Create a space […]

  • A.D.H.D. Summer Camp

    The emotional judgment had effectively been taken out of the consequence. The teachers had an effective tool with which to manage behaviors and teach. The children were free from the emotional weight of constantly being reminded about what they had done wrong. Great things were accomplished in class that every child was proud of. The children did their best to self-regulate and respect their teachers and peers.